Turn Your Backyard in to a Bird Sanctuary Seminar On Sat. April 4 at 11:00 am we are having a “Turn Your Backyard in to a Bird Sanctuary” Seminar. Lots of info presented by Donna from Seed Factory NW.

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We now sell kerosene plus sell and repair kerosene heaters.


What’s New

We know how hard our customers have to work for their money, and since we are local just like you, this is our chance to shine! We want to help you make the most of your purchasing dollars…and here’s how.

1. To help with your food bill and food safety we offer large bare root trees and plants that will become productive much quicker. Sure you can save 5-10 dollars on a tree in a bag, but is it a savings if you wait 5 years or more for fruit?

2. Our knowledgeable staff will help you make the selection that fits YOU best. We ask questions because we want you to be successful!

3. New Products! Most people use their air miles for vacation. Lynn and I used our to find new stuff!! I went to a buying show in Baltimore and Lynn went to Atlanta to the National Gift and Garden Show. We want to offer the newest and coolest for your pleasure.

4. Seminars! This year we have a great slate of informative seminars designed to help you get the most bang for your Buck!

5. Listening – We value your comments and even criticisms. I do not screen my calls. If you have a problem as for Jim or Lynn. We value our customers as our greatest resource! Any comments or suggestions of how we can improve are invaluable to us. Call us at (360) 736-3872 or shoot me an email at

As I said, our customers are our most valuable resource. If you enjoy the time spent at Pioneer West, we urge you to refer us to your friends.

See you soon!
Jim & Lynn



Come in and see our large variety of houseplants available.


We have fresh flowers for your special occasion, birthdays, weddings, etc.


Living green is on everyone’s mind these days and PIONEER WEST has an easy way for you to make an impact. Did you know just 1 mature tree will absorb 48lbs of Co2 and provide enough oxygen for 2 adults on a yearly basis? They also help prevent soil erosion, provide wildlife habitat and beautify the landscape. All this by planting 1 tree…



We have Green Mountain grills in stock PLUS accessories

Jim sometimes cooks on Saturday afternoons…

come by and try some Green Mountain-licious samples



Need help with landscape design or planting? We are happy to help, whether just a corner or your entire yard. We can draw it up for you for a small fee. We work with you to incorporate the plants YOU like. We can design self-sustaining or edible landscapes to maximize your investment too.

We also can design and/or build a water feature for you. Bring one of nature’s most soothing sounds into your paradise!

We have a wonderful variety of plants for your gardening pleasure in our greenhouse and Nursery yard.